Stories for Bedtime   by Windoggle Children's Books 

Frequently Asked Questions

...and sometimes answered

Which eBook option should I purchase?

  • If you have a Kindle, then that's easy - choose Kindle. This is the "mobi" format.
  • Most other eBook devices (Nook, Kobi, Sony) use the "ePub" format. 
  • iPads and tablets with eBook apps will also use the "ePub" format. 
  • If you have an eBook app or program on your computer, you can use the "ePub" format.
  • Computers and tablets can also use a PDF format, though you won't have the cool page turning mechanism.

Where do I get an eBook app?

  • Remember, on a computer, you can simply use the PDF format. The eBook app is just spiffier.
  • eBook devices (Kindle, Nook, Kobi, etc.) have apps built in.
  • Tablets, iPads, and Windows 8 have eBook apps at their respective app stores. They should be free.
  • Computers can download free eBook software from the Internet. Try

Which option should I use for the free stories?

  • The simplest way is to choose the "Read Now" option. All devices and computers can read this PDF format.
  • If you have an eReader device (Kindle, Nook, Kobi, etc.), then you can use the Kindle (mobi) or eReader (epub) option. If you have trouble, try the ZIP (epub) option.
  • If you want to use an eBook app or software on your computer, tablet, phone, or iPad; then you will likely have to download the ZIP format and extract it on your device. I know, it's getting tricky. Again the "Read Online (PDF)" option is easiest.
  • Downloaded files will have a name of random numbers. Sorry about this. This is a limitation at our website host.