Stories for Bedtime   by Windoggle Children's Books 

Hi All,

​Every night you put the kids to bed. Every night you politely ask them, you coax them, you herd them, you bark out orders – bath, teeth, pajamas. Finally, they make it into bed, and you hear…


​They think they deserve it, like we owe them a story each and every night. They have no respect for reality TV nor police dramas. “OK kids, but let’s make it quick - Joe Biden is coming up on Dancing with the Stars.” Then there’s the book choice - someone has always read that one or doesn’t like this one.

“Where’s the I Spy book?” “I think it’s downstairs. "I forgot to rinse the toothpaste out of my mouth.” Laughter spills in from your spouse in the living room. Did Joe stumble over some verbiage?

​The book finally gets read, you have done your duty, the kids have been rewarded, and they lovingly say… “Read us another one! Please! Please!”

Early on, I began making up my own stories, and the kids loved them. The "Read us a story!" chant simply changed to "Tell us a story!" I made up hundreds of stories--well lots anyway. 365 days a year times 6 years equals, "I can't possibly think up another plot!" I needed a book with short stories, griping story-lines, stimulating twists, and of course be economical. I can't afford to buy 2,190 books.

So, I wrote "Stories to Make You Dream" for you parents. It has seven 20 minute stories. It covers a whole week. The next 51 are up to you.

John Roozen

Author   -   John Roozen

John lives in Bailey Colorado in a log house at 9,000 feet elevation, where he and his wife raised two very interesting children.